Arm and Decorate your Home

We are lovers of simplicity, practicality and of course technology! So we designed the page in such a way that the client himself, according to his budget and tastes, chooses the materials and extras of the product.

We will explain it to you in detail, don't worry =)

Step 1.- Choose the base

We have several products available , which according to the design, have a different basic cost. The difference in the structure of the mini kazita and the futurist is that the futurist has a higher cost due to some extra construction details it has (although both have the same square meters):

  • * It has a double interior ceiling in the room.
  • *The exterior finish is aluminum.
  • *Has a covered roof.
  • *Window finish.

Note: Any model can be a smart home , you don't need to build on the futuristic design to make it smart. In the Extras you may or may not add the nomotics.

Step 2.- Choose materials, colors and textures

Once you add the BASE model you want to the cart, you choose the extras you want to add to the house yourself. For example:

  • Type of floor: Ceramic - Floating - Porcelain - unfinished?
  • Door Type: Aluminum - Wood?
  • Curtain: With black out curtain with nomotic - Only with Curtain - Without Curtain?

*The page will ask you what you want to add and it will notify you of the extra costs of each item and you can also choose the textures and colors according to the item you choose.

Once you answer the questions and finish your order , the page will automatically calculate the TOTAL COST OF YOUR HOUSE ( do not forget that to build it you will have to consider some extra costs ) and the incredible thing about this is that you can see how it looks in virtual reality! !

Step 3.- Take your design to Virtual Reality - Optional

We are working on putting the design in 3D, once we have the base you will be able to see how it looks on your cell phone (to have a good experience you will need to have the latest models: Huawei P50, Iphone 13 pro, Samsung Galaxy Z fold3). If you want to see it in Virtual Reality, you will need good VR glasses.

*That's how it works. Click, and take a look!

And if you don't have a good cell phone, you can send the company the summary of your order and, for a cost of $15, we will put it in virtual reality and send you a document with photos of how your design turned out.

Step 4.- Get in touch with us!

Once you are clear about the Cost of your House and also the Extra Costs that you must take into account. And if you already have these documents up to date, carefully review the contract, (the form of payment and deadlines) and...

Eureka! We have everything ready to start =)