How much will it really cost you? We help you see all the details! =)

Total Cost = Cost 1 : Structure + Cost 2: From your requirements + Cost 3: Redesign + Cost 4: Installation and services +

  • Cost 1: Structure: Foundations and on concrete foundations, footings, brick walls, metal cover and against a cement floor. (imagine a white box) PS: Large numbers Above under the title
  • Cost 2: Of your requirements: Those that appear as you choose what type of floor you want, what ecological or smart characteristics you want to put, etc. PS: They automatically appear at the bottom of the page as you click on the buttons

  • Cost 3: Redesign: $500 Just in case you want a different model of house and we need to redesign or make adjustments, this amount must be paid to the redesign team. ( if you want the house as it is, you will not have this extra cost )
  • Cost 4: Installation and Procedures: +/- 200 dollars . (Legal procedures, soil leveling, installation of water, electricity, gas, etc.). We detail them below:
  • Cost 5: Services: +/- 1000 dollars.
*Cost 4.1: Legal procedures: 36 + 25 = $61
Cost 4.1.- Mayor's Office and College of Architects +/- $25
We want to do it right! then it is important to submit plans and have them approved. At the Mayor's Office, the process can take 20 to 50 days. Here we detail the Requirements and Costs. In addition, we attach the procedures of the mayor's office in: " Construction Plan Approval " and " Remodeling Plan Approval ".
Cost 4.2.- Construction Contract +/- $36
We already have a model contract, between you and us, where the schedule of work, payment and responsibilities of each one is detailed and clear.
Between lawyers and notaries, the process costs around $36.
*Cost 4.3: Ground Leveling +/- $100
Not all terrains are the same and we must ensure that your product is properly built, perhaps a leveling of the soil must be carried out with an approximate cost of: 100 $.
*Cost 5: Installation of Services that you must consider on your own once the product is installed. (This last cost of services, we only leave it for you as information, it will not be stipulated in our employment contract, nor in our costs)
Once you have finished building the product, it is important that you take into account the installation costs of these services:

*Do not forget that these are approximate cost calculations.

Once we make the total quote for the house, and we solve all your doubts and make everything clear to you, to acquire it you must deposit 70% in advance to this bank account:
Stephany Caberizo Uzín
ID CARD: 5300109 CBBA
Please send the photo of the amount paid to 70789246
*How long does it take to build a Mini House?
The average term is 90 days from the Deposit. In that time we will take care of making the cement structure, footings.
How much deposit?
70% of the final quoted amount (which will depend on the additional costs that we explain above). You can see the detail and payment schedule in point 7 of the contract model.


  • Construction time is 90 days (3 months)
  • Form of payment: 70% to start work, 20% per month and 10% final.
  • Construction currently only in Cochabamba.
Where can I place my Mini House? What permissions do I need?
Usually the houses in Bolivia are quite big and have a lot of unused space. So we can build Mini Houses inside a house, for example. On the other hand, if you have a small lot well located, have you thought about making a CONDOMINIUM OF MINI HOUSES? It would be a very good deal! We explain it to you with numbers!
How can I trust you?
Investigating us! =)
This project was born from a dream and we put it together father and daughter =).
In any case, we will gladly receive you at the offices located in Cbba: Av Ceibos y Molles 2198. Edificio Orión .
PS: Let us know before coming to wait for you =)