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First of all, make it clear that we do not sell land with a house included, here we offer you different models of houses, which you can "assemble and calculate the cost on the website" according to your requirements and your budget. Then we will build it for you ON A LAND THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. As they are mini houses, you will not need much space, the smallest one has 19 m2.

*You build your home!

If you look under the title of each product, an amount in dollars appears, that is the cost of the structure (only the structure as such, without floors, doors, or anything else than the structure. The structure is made of brick and cement ). Below the amount in dollars, buttons appear, which as you select them, some extra costs are increased, calculated at the end (they are in red).

For example, it asks you what type of floor you want (ceramic, floating or porcelain), what type of door, whether or not you want to include furniture, whether or not you want it to be smart, etc. You arms it .

Maybe you want a mini house without a floor but super smart, or maybe just the house with its furniture, or maybe super ecological, with solar panels, led lights and a self-watering system for plants. You know what is important to you and what budget you have, you can do your calculations alone and let us know what you decided =)

The beautiful thing about our technology is that you can enter and see the house in virtual reality, and try different colors on the walls, floors and furniture so you can see how it looks. Below the buttons you will find the link.

*What extra expenses should I take into account?

In addition to the cost of the structure and the features that you decide to include, do not forget to take into account various extra expenses such as: municipal procedures, installation of basic services and others. Click here to see them in detail.

*Where can I build?

Usually the houses in Bolivia are quite big and have a lot of unused space. So we can build mini houses inside a house, that is, in the garden (so you could rent it). On the other hand, if you have a small lot well located, have you already thought about making a CONDOMINIUM OF MINI HOUSES ? It would be a very good deal! We explain it to you with numbers!

*How is the process of purchase?

Super Simple, click here to see it .