Invest your money

If you want to become independent and are looking to buy an apartment, it is most likely that you will have to take out a loan from the bank to achieve it. For which you will literally have to commit around 30 years of your life to pay for it, let alone if you want a house! There yes, your monthly fee can easily go through the roof and be careful: you will have to pay it for many years...

Paying a monthly loan to the bank enslaves you to stop doing many things, such as: TRAVEL and treat yourself! (which, by the way, we all should do often).

Don't you think we should rethink the way we "currently live" ?

We want you to learn to live calmer @, without thinking and stressing so much about what you " SHOULD " and enjoy more than what you " HAVE ".

The average cost of a cheap Mini house is around 10,000 dollars (don't forget that you would have to have a physical place where we can build it). If you are one of those people who lives alone and rents, you must be paying between 140 and 200 dollars a month...

If you pay 140 monthly rent in 6 years you would throw away 10,080 dollars

If you pay 200 monthly rent in 4 years you would throw away 9600 dollars!

Wouldn't it be worth making an effort, paying a little interest, with a BANK CREDIT to build a mini house ?

And, if it is not for you and you have a place with space, it is a very good business that you build a mini house to rent it! (We advise you to do it through Airbnb or Booking , you could give it at 25 or 30 dollars a night). And who said you couldn't also offer mini-home condos?

Depending on the location and model you decide to build (whether it's the economical one or the super-technological futuristic one) you can rent them and, in any case, in a few years you will recover your investment! . Another recommendation is that you make it super Smart because it will allow you to rent it by the day at a very good price, and that is: Who does not want to have the experience of sleeping in a beautiful, minimalist house, and, if you want, super technological? =)

...Are you ready?