About us?

We will tell you a little about our story, this project was born from a dream, and we put it together Father and Daughter =)

My dad is a civil engineer, Fernando Cabrerizo Torrico , he made sure that the product had the best possible structure and quality, he has a long resume in construction and teaching as well, so don't worry, you'll be in good hands.

And I, Stephany Cabrerizo Uzín , simply had the dream of living in a more free, simple and minimalist way.

We have the vision that Sacred Sex becomes a lifestyle that is as minimalist, modern, technological, economical and above all as friendly to the environment as possible: less consumerist.

We honestly believe a lot in teamwork , we believe that greater things can be achieved by connecting with other people, that's why we work with a whole team that, apart from generating good extra income with our products, shares the same vision.

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