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smart curtains

smart curtains

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Do you want your curtains to open and close by themselves at a scheduled time? Now it is possible with this fabulous Smart Motor to control blinds}

Compatible with any window blinds that have a cord loop or bead chain (plastic or metal). Save time, energy and money, with a 5-minute installation process, makes these smart blinds the best option for automation.

To control it, simply connect it via Wi-Fi with the Smart Life application and through voice with Alexa or Google assistants.

  • Max size of blinds 2.5 Mtrs * 3.5 Mtrs
  • Take into account that a good Wi-Fi signal must reach the device.
  • Choose right or left side roler
  • speed 55rpm
  • Voltage 12V 1.2A
  • weight 10kg
  • Compatible Assistants: Google Home, Alexa, etc.
  • If you want us to install it for you, take into account an extra installation cost of around 70 bs
  • Price: 676 + 13 (Shipping) = 689 bs
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