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smart focus

smart focus

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Imagine commanding Alexa or Google to turn off that light from your Alexa or your mobile device without the hassle of leaving your delicious blankets.

Control your LED spotlight from your smart device, download the "Smart Life" app from iOS App Store and Android Play Store, it also supports voice control for Amazon Echo - Alexa & Google Home.

It is the perfect choice for those who want intelligent lighting. With it, you guarantee greater diversity in the lighting of your environment. You can make it warmer, relaxed and, in addition, vary according to your commitment: work, study or that special dinner. Its activation is done by voice commands through Google Assistant, Amazon or Alexa. It also has the geolocation function, which allows a configuration to turn it off when you leave home and turn it on when you return, which guarantees greater energy savings, since it prevents you from forgetting it on. You can also execute functions at specific times, without having to be on site, and program the device to change the color temperature or light intensity according to the weather forecast or the room temperature. Its installation is super easy, and then you just need to download its application and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Isn't it amazing? Get yours and bring high technology to your home.

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